Thursday, September 20, 2007

Coffee drives productivity!

OK.. what a dramatic title, for a not so dramatic post! I guess you are now learning a bit of my personality, a drama queen, (though no one would dare call me that, at least not to my face) is one word that may have come to mind! But, did it get your attention? I guess that's the first rule in marketing.. get attention - and if I did that, than I succeeded! If I didn't, that I still have much to learn!

Its not even noon yet, and I already accomplished so much. OK, truth be told other people accomplished a lot, I just get to tell people about it!. But that is my job... and I will get good at it!

Some of you may have heard of a new and exciting product from IBM Rational, called Rational Asset Manager. An asset management solution with an eclipse and web interface, that easily allows you to facilitate asset reuse, and share your innovative software components within your team or your organizations. With teams so distributed, how can you let it know that you've created a component or an algorithm that can improve the way software is written today at your company? Well, with Rational Asset Manager you can! - Again, here I go being all dramatic. For more info on RAM, you can check out:

But I am truly excited about an article "Rational Asset Manager Made Practicle" by Grant Larsen, IBM posted on This is not a 'marketing' Rational Asset Manager is great article, but first part of three, that details how to deploy Asset Management initiatives successfully. This practical guide will truly help you understand the importance of an asset management strategy as well as how to properly deploy it with RAM.


Matt (aka Fuzzy) said...

Majesty, I've been trying to come up with something witty _and_ inspirational to say...but I got nothing, so instead I will just say hello!

Anonymous said...

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