Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Delivering SOA through Pattern Based Engineering

If you are a returning reader, you probably read my post on SOA. If not, you can take a look at my older post, that outline my thoughts around SOA being just another way to implement reuse. And, for it to be successful, reuse strategies need to be in place. With reuse strategies in place, another way that SOA implementations can be successful, more productive and quicker is throught the use of patterns.

If you are curious as to how, you can check out the following tutorial:

Using model-driven development and pattern-based engineering to design SOA: Part 2. Patterns-based engineering
Learn how you can extend IBM Rational Software Architect and leverage your own custom patterns to automate software design. By using a combination of the features, you can improve your productivity when designing SOA and other solutions. You can also use these automation features to improve the quality of the solution and to support the governance process.

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