Friday, February 15, 2008

Get up close and personal to Asset Manager

Rational Asset Manager is coming to a city near you.

You can now sign up to attend a developerWorks Live! briefing on Asset Reuse with RAM and Rational Software Architect. The first locations are:
  • El Segundo, California on March 4th
  • Jacksonville, Florida on March 12th
  • New York city on March 19th.
So there's got to be a location within a short 1000 mile drive from you (assuming you're in the US).
We've got both coasts covered at least! Stay tuned for more locations to come.

So, what are we showing?

Well, asset reuse is an essential strategy for companies looking to create innovative solutions to solve complex software development problems. Searching for, identifying, updating, using, and deploying software assets can be a difficult challenge. An effective reuse strategy allows you to:
  • Harvest existing artifacts and build and share assets to mitigate costs and productivity concerns for analysis, development, and testing.
  • Coordinate and control assets and intellectual property, determining what is shared, versioned, and visible for others to use.
  • Understand the relationships between and impact of assets, such as the relationship between development time assets and the relationship to infrastructure assets.
  • Govern assets across communities -- for example, one community describing needs and another community realizing needs and submitting solutions to repository.
  • Govern service development and publishing into a service registry.
  • Track assets effectively across an organization.

The briefing provides a high level overview of RAM and RSA - tools that can help you address the components of a successful reuse strategy. Discussions and demos introduce key software asset management definitions, challenges and solutions, including strategies and tools that can be leveraged for a successful project.

Sign up now!

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