Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Agile development with Rational

Some of you may think, that Agile development and Rational doesn't go hand in hand. That could be further from the truth!
Agile development is not about no tools, it is about just the right amount of tools and process to help you become more Agile. And well, Rational has just the right tools for that.

Within Agile projects, some require modeling. Yes, modeling. I know you thought that if you are working on Agile projects, you don't need modeling. But that is just not so. I mean, how will you break down your work, how can map out your iterative approach and how will you ensure that the work merges seamlessly. 'Just enough modeling' is the right solution.
As an article on StickyMinds points out "Despite what you may have heard, modeling is an important part of agile software development. Sadly, it doesn’t get a lot of attention, even though it’s a fundamental technique for scaling agile to meet the needs of the real-world situations in which project teams regularly find themselves. It pays to think before you act, and modeling enables you to think through the critical, high-level issues that other techniques struggle to address. " It does pay to think before you act... doesn't it? For more information on Rational Software Architect, you can check out:

Agile projects also need to be organized in a different way than traditional workflow SDLC, because of the iterative nature of the project. Components and funtionality consistently need to be located, updated, and modified. You, agile teams, may find this helpful:
Smart Agile Development within Dispersed Teams

Oh, and lets not forget RTC! Rational Team Concert is all about Agile development.


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